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The Shot of Alcohol That Cures Foot Pain

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:02pm

Can a shot of alcohol cure your nerve pain?

Can a shot of alcohol cure your nerve pain?

Mike writes:

I’ve suffered from metatarsal pain in both feet for years. I’ve been told it’s probably Morton’s Neuroma and that fits all I read.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on every kind of orthotic and shoe/boot imaginable. I get very little help around here (Pierre, SD) except to be told conservative treatment is best and avoid surgery because neuroma surgery is usually NOT successful – but my feet still HURT –I’ve read about the alcohol injections and I see the list of services at your clinic where it looks like you might actually be able to do something — My question is, do you know of a clinic closer to SD that provides similar services or — how many trips to Indiana would it take?– can I convince my insurance I need to go that far?  I’m 62, male, building contractor/carpenter.

Since I live in South Dakota, I’m used to driving to Minneapolis, Omaha, Denver, etc for many services, but Indiana is about a 16 hr drive.

Dr. Nirenberg replies:

Not to be confused with Morton’s Steakhouse—which may cause a full stomach—Morton’s neuroma causes cramping, tingling (a feeling of pins and needles), burning, or shooting pain in the toes or ball of your foot. A neuroma is a painful growth on a nerve that forms when the nerve becomes irritated. Nerve pain can be severe, and interfere with the ability to walk.

Morton's Neuroma

Morton' s Neuroma

The Northwest Indiana Times newspaper did a report on the use of alcohol injections for neuroma pain. In my experience, less conservative options, such as orthotics, are often successful for alleviating nerve pain. These alcohol injections work for many patients but not everyone.  

Unfortunately, I do not know any podiatrists in South Dakota, but I am certain if you start calling local foot doctors you will find one who can help you. Good luck!

Other Sites with Morton’s Neuroma Information:

Mayo Clinic



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