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The best laid plans…

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:16pm

…somehow always go awry.

As I’ve mentioned before, Husband is moving back to his hometown of Philadelphia in June, leaving me here in D.C.  I may not have mentioned that he will be taking his car with him, and seeing as how he (now we) has a massive medical school debt, we aren’t exactly in the position to purchase a second car so that I can have one.  So, I will remain carless.  This wasn’t really a concern – I’ve never had a car with me in D.C., and one of the huge perks of living where we do is being in walking distance of so much.  Walking distance to the lab/hospital, a drugstore, a major chain grocery store, etc.  Well, until the end of the month.

Husband was reading our little neighborhood newsletter which is left in the atrium of our condo every month when he let out a little gasp of shock.  Wondering what could possibly be of such interest in our neighborhood (the last interesting tidbit was the busting of a prostitution ring in the neighborhood “spa” nearly a year ago), he read a blurb detailing the major renovations of our grocery store… indicating that it would be closing in 2 weeks, the entire building would be razed to the ground, and rebuilt, with an estimated closing time of 9 months.

Right in time for Husband to drive off to Pennsylvania with the car.

A girl can survive on popcorn alone for 9 months, right?

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