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The 7 Deadly Fibromyalgia Treatment Mistakes...

Posted Jul 10 2010 11:07pm
Fibromyalgia Treatment Mistakes
As a doctor who has dedicated his professional life to helping fibromyalgia and hashimoto's patients reverse the cause of their symptoms with our functional, whole person approach... I have seen 7 critical mistakes that fibromyalgia patients make in their health restoration journey.
I want to help you avoid those mistakes, because you absolutely deserve to feel well, alive, vibrant, without pain, and without symptoms. 
My hope is that by sharing these 7 treatment mistakes that it will serve as a guide that will help you not only know what to avoid, but more importantly to provide a framework for making great treatment decisions in the future.
Deadly Fibromyalgia Treatment Mistake #1: Accepting 'Fibromyalgia' As The Label For All Of Your Symptoms

The truth is... your body is sick and malfunctioning. What commonly happens is that when no simple explanation can be found for your symptoms you get labeled with fibromyalgia.

When you first got diagnosed you may have been happy to finally have something to call it, a name to refer to your symptoms by. It's scary having symptoms that nobody can explain. It leaves you with angst and worry. Your mind wonders if there is some underlying process that is more serious, and when you finally get that fibromyalgia label you let out a sigh of relief.

Soon you probably realized that this fibromyalgia label did not lead to a straight forward treatment or solution.
A diagnosis that gives a set of symptoms a name, but does not lead to a solution is not helpful. If you are not careful every single new symptom you have will be attributed to your 'fibromyalgia' and therefore not explored properly. You need a doctor who will explore all of the specifics of how your body is truly functioning, from a big picture, functional approach.

So if you have already been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, then don't get stuck in that trap where everything is now 'fibromyalgia.' You still deserve to be cared for, taken seriously, and respected. Don't let that diagnosis be the excuse for doctors to just brush everything off, and stop looking for answers.
In my next blog post, I will share fibromyalgia treatment mistake #2. It is going to shatter a commonly held misconception I see so many fibromyalgia patients get led to believe. You wont wan't to miss this one.

Be on the lookout for the next blog post in a couple days...

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