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That knock on the door (Part 2)

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:51pm
Part 1 here


We close the doors on our newly clean ambulance. Walk over to the garage table and slurp down the last of the tea.

When we arrived back on station an hour before and opened those doors the sight before us was grim.

The bag had fallen over on the main pool of blood in the middle of the floor.
The tubing leading from the bag valve and mask was still attached and hanging down the side of the trolley bed.
The contents of the suction unit on the wall was still sloshing its contents with the momentum from the vehicle movement
The defibrillator beeped, we forgot to turn it off.
The trolley had been stripped and someone had already had a go at cleaning it, it still needed another going over.
I looked at the walls around the bed, there were red hand prints everywhere. It’s tough to steady yourself when doing CPR in a moving vehicle.

SoItIs* came out “that can wait for a bit, come in and get a cuppa first, I’ve put some toast in as well, strange how hungry you get after one of these jobs”

“I just want to keep moving right now, bring the tea through, and I’ll just make a start.”
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