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Talk and Meeting at Innovative Nutrition on Saturday from 1-3

Posted Jul 13 2011 11:29pm
See this article on Steve's blog (with links for forwarding)

The worst thing that I can hear in practice is when patient says to me, "If only I had known". Meaning of course, that if they had known that there were options for treating their condition they would have made different choices. I remember that I first heard those words when I was a first year naturopathic student.

We start naturopathic medical school working on the first day in a hands on way with patients. I remember one of the first patients that I worked with had been born with a genetic defect. He went through many surgeries with little success. He latter learned a a much more conservative approach to his case that could have saved him from many of these procedures.

I remember he told me about a conversation he had with his father. He told me that his father said to him one day, "If I had ever know what they were going to do to you, I never would have let them touch you". HIs words have stuck with me for twenty years now.

I have heard of many other stories since that time. People with kidney failure from taking prescription drugs. From the perspective of natural medicines these are often simple diseases with simple cures. And no..naturopathic doctors do not hate prescriptions drugs... we hate when dangerous drugs are used when simple and safer options exist.

And I hear stories like the beautiful young woman in the office today with colon cancer. She has had years of treatment for this illness with modern medicine. From a naturopathic perspective there is a lot of information still missing, for example information like not knowing her blood type, food allergens or secretor status. Simple information that can help her in her attempt to recover health and balance, not to mention her life. She can create health for herself but she need to know how to get from here to there!

So, all this I say to let you know that I will be at innovative nutrition in setauket from 1pm to 3pm this Saturday the 16th. I am going there so you can come and ask a question, or bring a loved one with a question, so that you can avoid being one of those people that says, "If I had only known".

As a thanks to Eric, we will have blood typing kits, allergen kits and secretor status kits there for those that want them. No consultation fees. Customers just need to pay for the test. I will bring slides and my projector, if you have questions will will try to answer them. Really, life is short enough, and challenging enough, as it is. It is silly to spend it running in circles with chronic illness. Come down to Eric's and let's shed some light on the issues. Hopefully with some fun and laughs while doing it! If you know Eric you know this will not be hard :)

Steve's Website (All things Steve)

To Order Testing if You Can't Make it to Eric's Store

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