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Synthroid To Treat Hashimotos? What Happened To Logic In Healthcare?

Posted Aug 29 2010 12:04am 1 Comment

Blue_puzzle I get the opportunity to consult with Hashimoto's from all over the world, and whether they are from Australia, England, Hong Kong, or the United States, the standard treatment protocol for Hashimoto's stays pretty consistent.

I bet you can guess what the treatment is. Your right... give some sort of thyroid replacement until the TSH moves below 1.0 and then consider the case 'properly managed.'

What about the fact that the immune system is slowly destroying your thyroid gland? Shouldn't that be addressed?

Some patients are falsely led to believe that Synthroid and other forms of replacement hormone actually treat the Hashimoto's immune process. This couldn't be further from the truth. Synthroid does nothing to slow down the immune attack on the thyroid gland, which is why thyroid replacement-only treatment is completely inadequate for Hashimoto's.

Now there are actually some practitioners who believe that giving high does of synthroid will suppress the natural production of the thyroid and since the gland is not producing hormones (because the medication suppressed it) then the immune system won't attack the gland anymore.

Here is where you are required to apply a bit of logic. First of all the low thyroid problem started in the first place because the immune system is destroying the thyroid gland and decreasing the amount of hormone the gland is naturally producing.

The goal of treatment should be to slow down or halt the immune attack against the thyroid gland so that hormone production can approach normal output levels.

In the above scenario. where we are suppressing the thyroid gland with medication, we are making the dose of thyroid medication so high that the gland stops producing hormones naturally. Instead of slowing the immune attack we are shutting down the thyroid gland with medication, and functionally doing the same thing the autoimmune process was doing to the gland in the first place.

Where is the logic in that?

Do your doctors mention or acknowledge the immune systems role in your thyroid problem? How do they say they are addressing it? Leave your comments below.

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I'm very concerned about this as well. I was just prescribed Armour b/c i have extremely high antibodies. My other levels are in fairly normal range. I have no physical symptoms of hashi's and i'm pregnant. My doc said to start the armour and gave me an adrenal suppliment. What now?! I have not started the armour b/c i am concerned about "playing chemistry" but also know that i MUST adress the antibodies. How will the armour do that?
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