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Posted Jan 18 2010 12:00am

Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest. Not so in Aira Hospital. People need surgery even on Sundays and holidays – night and day all around the clock.

As you can see from the book we keep in the operating theatre there were 9 emergency surgeries during Sunday.



Six were complicated deliveries: a retained twin B (first baby born at home – second baby retained in the womb), a risk mother with two no children alive after 2 previous stillbirth and two cesareans, a breech presentation in a primigravida (first time pregnancy), a twin pregnancy with a shoulder presentation of twin A (the first twin), a face presentation and a ruptured uterus.

(Aira is not considered a project with “focus on mother & child health”?).

Besides all these complicated deliveries a sigmoid volvolus, an open tibia fracture and a stab wound of the abdomen was operated as well.

For the gender conscious 7 women and 2 men were operated.

The lady with the ruptured uterus had 5 home deliveries before, two still birth and three alive.



Now with the sixth delivery the uterus ruptured, a complication which was totally impossible to prevent with “preventive antenatal care” and totally impossible to foresee. 

The lady recovered fast and was on her feet already the day after surgery, just like an ordinary cesarean.



The patient with the open tibia fracture was referred from another hospital 3 hours by car from Aira. But to reach the referring hospital she had to be carried 4 hours.

You don’t need to be a professor in trauma and orthopedics to make the diagnosis and the treatment is straight forward: revision of the wound, reduction of the fracture and fixation with intramedullary flexible nails.

At the international meeting in Jena I was challenged when showing pictures of similar cases. Many colleagues questioned intramedullary nailing in open fractures with or without infected wounds. In our hands it works perfectly all right, and without blushing I will claim that we do not see any draw backs or complications from that treatment policy.

That lady was also on her feet the day after surgery. We wanted to discharge her, but as she will have to walk or be carried 4 hours from the last bus stop we gave her one day more to prepare the transport.










The last patient late that evening was an unfortunate fellow, a good man who tried to mediate between two hotheads only to be stabbed in the abdomen himself. That resulted in eventration and multiple perforations of the small intestine.

Ingratitude is the reward of this world!






Also he was on the feet the following day.

That is how we spend the Sundays in Aira while others are enjoying life at the lake Langano beach or at the pool in Hilton hotel.

No justice in this world either!

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