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Stress And Hair Loss Or Stressed About Hair Loss?

Posted Feb 29 2012 10:12pm
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Hair loss is one of those issues that can present at any age or stage in life. It is also something that can readily happen to both men and women. Though some hair loss is a direct result of medical condition, others are caused by the side effects of medication such as chemotherapy; some people suffer hair loss when they have been medically cleared as being fit and in good overall health. This is when you need to consider external and environmental factors as being associated and responsible for hair loss.

Hair loss can occur for women who over-process their hair through the use of bleach, chemicals, straighteners and other hot styling tools. This, over time, can cause the hair to weaken and thus result in lost patches of hair. Though this type of hair loss is somewhat self inflicted and can be reversed, the time you need to re-grow hair can be long and bothersome. This is one instance where use of wigs and hair pieces/extensions can be useful as the hair is being re-grown.

It has been proven that one of the side effects of stress in one’s life can be hair loss. The hair needs to have a healthy support system, such as proper nutrition, good sleep, proper blood flow and a relaxed demeanor. When these issues all become compromised due to stress, one can begin to experience bouts of hair loss. When stress is an overt concern and issue in your life, and you are making strides to reduce stress; you may still need to deal with the results of hair loss that stress has brought about. This too is a case where the time it takes to regrow can be lengthy, and you want to find a hair replacement option so you can still look your best even though you have lost your hair.

For those who have lost hair due to stress, and are actually becoming increasingly anxious, concerned and overwhelmed by their appearance; having a permanent hair transplant solution can help in improving the overall state of mind. The way you look has a direct impact in your mental health and well being, and those who are having a very hard time handling hair loss due to stress may find themselves actually losing even more hair as their stress level continues to rise every time they notice more hair falling out.

By having hair transplants performed, you can get back to looking your best and having a better self image. This can be beneficial to those who are battling repeated issues with stress, and one of the ways to lower your stress level is by looking and feeling your best. Hair transplants can become one of the tricks you can use to get back to feeling your absolute best and projecting a healthy and happy image to others. You can have hair transplants done in small areas or all over your head, depending on the extent of hair loss you have suffered due to stress.

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