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Sometimes I dont get it!?

Posted Apr 22 2010 6:15am
22 April, 2010 at 9:15 pm gcgeorge

I am so pissed off. It all started with a cheque I received. It was a Maybank cheque and thinking that it would clear faster than me crediting it into my CIMB account, I credited it to my Maybank account via the cheque deposit machine.

After 2 days, as I was busy with work I thought I would get the bank to help me check if the cheque has been cleared. So I called the customer service number and a lady with an irritating tone took the line. My question was, can you please help check if my cheque has been credited into my account? Sounds relative easy question to answer isn’t it! No the lady decided to break the bad news that in Maybank it takes three days to clear and that if I wanted to find out I can check the ATM machine the coming morning! STUPID!!!
I told her that if I had the convenience to check the ATM I would not bother calling an idiot like her to help me.

Next day, I, trying to help my mom, I came to realize that Maybank 2U only allows transactions to a maximum of RM5000 per day! So fine I take a walk to the Maybank and realized that I could not do a thing without a cheque book. To transfer money, I need to issue a cheque because the bank cannot do that transaction over the counter even with me in their presence!! I somehow managed to do the transfer using ATM machine.

Next, I wanted to make a bank draft and even for that I needed a cheque to get a bank draft. Otherwise, I need to withdraw cash from the ATM and give them the cash to give me a bank draft. How silly is that!!
I am in the bank and I am the account holder but yet I cannot get a bank draft because ….. it takes a cheque to withdraw money!!!!!!!!

Stupid and so useless. In these day and age, work process like this should be made easy and without hassle. I am so pissed!

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