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Solitaire for a Ring

Posted Apr 02 2014 11:55am
With heart beats racing, ears pounding and adrenalin running high with the hope of hearing “THE yes”, gallant men have since eons been going down on their knees with a blindingly sparkling diamond ring in hand for their fair maiden. And with equally loudly pounding hearts and tears of joy flowing down their eyes lovely ladies since the days of yore have been finding a wonderful solitaire engagement ring slipping down their delicate fingers.

An engagement is an event that binds two people with a promise of togetherness until they take the  marriage vows. It is that moment when two people in love make that eternal commitment to each other until the wedding day strengthens the knot. What can make this event more special than a diamond as a witness!
It is not for any small reason that people say a diamond is a woman’s best friend. Sparkling, clear and with a personality of its own, a diamond is no match for any other crystal. Despite the increasing costs over years, diamonds have still held onto their numero uno position as the preferred solitaire for engagement rings. Such is their popularity that you can now buy  classic solitaire engagement rings online  too from leading brands and jewellery stores. Ranging from anywhere between Rs. 10,000 to lakhs of rupees, solitaire engagement rings are affordable and fit into practically every wedding budget. 
There are a wide variety of engagement solitaires to choose from. Whatever be the cut and shape of the ring, there are certain aspects you need to consider when buying a solitaire engagement ring. You need to first choose a good quality diamond. The better the cut and clarity, which much beautifully will it, shine on the finger. Once your diamond is chosen, ensure that the manner in which it is set in the ring complements it beautifully. One popular, and possibly the best setting, is the prong setting. Some jewellers use several prongs to secure the ring well. However, a competitive jeweller will ensure that he uses the least number of prongs to make the diamond stand out and shine brilliantly.

Once you decide on the setting, choose the metal that shows off the solitaire well. The most popular metals are yellow gold, white gold and platinum. However, a combination of white and yellow gold, as well as yellow gold and silver also aids the diamond in sparkling with pride. 
Today, with  engagement ceremonies  based on specific themes, couples are looking at ensembles that suit the atmosphere. Many try to incorporate the theme in their engagement rings too. This has increasingly found solitaires stepping into men’s engagement ring designs. Understanding this new demand from couples set to tie the knot; jewellers are designing engagement bands with solitaires adorning both men and women’s rings. What’s more, the ladies’ rings are designed with more delicate features and the men’s with a masculine touch, yet they are made to look similar and complement one another as a pair – similar to the couples who are set to wear these sets of exquisite solitaires. 
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