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Seriously? So since I have to di...

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:20pm


So since I have to disappear for 15 minutes midway through my workday, it's pretty much common knowledge at work that I'm breastfeeding. Hell, it's not like I'm doing it with a preschooler... my kid isn't even 6 months old yet. But possibly because my kid looks older (95th percentile in both weight and length, for God's sake!) I still get the occasional raised eyebrow. But no one says anything at work. It's not like I'm taking a lunch break (God forbid!) or something equally decadent. I'm hooking myself up to a machine to be milked like livestock.

Coming back from a recent pumping 'break' (thank God no one was using the urodynamic testing room!) the surgeon I was working with wasted no time in getting back to pimping me. Keep in mind this is the same man who tested my medical knowledge with such meaningful questions as 'how many times did my hand touch the suture needle?' and ' which hand do I use to hold the scissors?'.

Him: "Here's a question for you... how long is breastfeeding recommended in Scandinavia?"

Me: "Well, the WHO recommends 2 years..."

Him: "I'm not asking about WHO, I'm asking about Scandinavia."

Me: "I have no idea."

Him: "Six weeks, at the most. There are high levels of toxins in women's breastmilk there, so breastfeeding is viewed as unhealthy. Interesting, isn't it?"

Me: "Whatever."

I was not about to justify the fact that I breastfeed my son to this bonehead.
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