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Secret Status Jargon Decoder

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:20pm
oh dear oh dear oh dear.
I went to see a nurse today who told me the glands in my neck were up. (I have been ill recently).
"Glands?!" I said, "aren't they lymph nodes?"
"You have glands all over your body, under your arms, in your groin"
"ah, you do mean lymph nodes!"

We then had a good natured argument where she brought up some pictures on the internet displaying what were from my perspective, diagrams of lymph nodes and salivary glands..when I revealed my status as a med student..
Goodness me if I mistook a salivary gland for a lymph node (on a simplistic diagram) I imagine my professor of anatomy would want me taken outside & flogged.
Still, perhaps this is not exactly her area. Yet she has the power to prescribe. I wonder how much extra knowledge she should have.. and lymph nodes/salivary glands probably isn't majorly significant.. I'm not sure.
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