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sebaceous cyst removal from a dogs back paw.

Posted by Maureen

Is is possible to lance a sebaceous cyst from my dogs back paw without causing her pain? This cyst is the size of a golf ball. My dog does not pay any attention to it, but it really bother me. My vet said it would cost approximately $600 to surgically remove this cyst.
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Maureen, this isn't something I'd do at home without help from a vet. There are natural things you can do but really the reason a lot of these crop up on dogs is because of how they are fed. They are a fed an unnatural diet in the form of kibble. And of course many vets say that is what they ought to be fed because they are taught nutrition by the pet food industry.

But you'd would consider a natural raw diet, that could help get the immune system back on track. However, I would not lance the cyst yourself.

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