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Salt & Pepper

Posted Nov 06 2008 11:41pm

On Friday I had another clinical at the cath lab. This was pretty good. The nurse I was paired with was a little scary at times. But she was a good preceptor and let me do everything. I got my 1st IV (attempt and success) in 5 months which was pretty exciting. I think I was just as nervous starting that one as I was when starting my first one ever. It had been almost too long. I figured that out when I realized that my hands were shaking slightly when I’d finished.

That night I went to a Halloween party at my friends house. I went as a crazy cat lady, which consisted of wearing pajamas, putting my hair in haphazard curlers, and safety pinning numerous stuffed cats to my clothes. I tied for best costume with Andy, who kind of cheated because he looks so creepily like napoleon dynamite, it didn’t take much to complete his costume.

Last night I was kidnapped by CJ and Ewing. They made me ride in the car blindfolded to go to a mysterious location. They even had me walk into a store like that! “I hear cars, I hear lots of cars, I’m scared! I hear a door, are we in a store?! I hear birds, was that a dog? What the..?” Which leads me to Salt and Pepper. Pre-Christmas Christmas presents, and the two newest additions to my unique UMBC family. You may call them mice. You might see them as rodents. Both of which they certainly are not. Especially as I don’t break the rules of my apartment lease. So, regardless of how much Salt and Pepper look like mice, they are not.
But, if they were mice, they’d be totally adorable!
No, that is not the sound of a mouse wheel coming out of my closet.

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