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Resurrecting the Expert Medical Guides (III)

Posted Jun 22 2009 10:41pm


I had an interesting email today. It was from Michael Mace no less and I am honored :).

Michael pointed out to me that although Access has taken down the original Expert Guides (see Resurrecting the Expert Medical Guides ), they are still available via the Internet Wayback Machine.

The Expert Guides of interest to medical users:
Medicine - by Kent Willyard
Medical Student - by Matt Delaney
Anaesthesiology - by Donald Voltz
Dentistry - by Elise Eisenberg

These are useful lists that would help medical users starting off with their Palm Handhelds for the first time. It’s true that PalmOS (Garnet in the last version) is now an old operating system but it still powers useful devices like the Palm Centro and the Treo 755p. Windows mobile devices can run PalmOS applications if you use Styletap, and now we have Classic, the PalmOS emulator for WebOS, Palm’s new operating system.
So it seems PalmOS medical applications are not dead. They are very much alive and still very useful. Some indeed live up to the adage “old is gold”.

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

Resurrecting the Expert Medical Guides (III)

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