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Remember, remember

Posted Nov 06 2009 10:01pm 1 Comment
Thank goodness, in 1605, some Catholic extremists decided to blow up parliament. Thank goodness one of them lost his nerve and caused them to fail. If that hadn't happened, there wouldn't be a November holiday in the UK! Traditional Guy Fawkes day, or bonfire night, is celebrated with a bonfire including burning and effigy of Fawkes, and a fireworks display. What an impact on history he's had here, to have a whole holiday named after you, still celebrated 400 years later?! Wow.
Anyway. Thanks to Guy and his friends I found myself this evening pedaling 4 miles in the rain to Longford park to take in a proper English fireworks display.
My nerve faltered when it was so cloudy, but I was assured it would go on rain or shine. So, armed with my waterproofs, high-vis vest, and blinking taillight, I set off into the unknown.
I found the park without a problem other that by the time I got there I was an hour early and it was raining. A lot. I hid for a while under a bus stop, then found the giant Tesco and spent some time taking that in. This is a huge store/mall comprised mostly of a Tesco supermarket that was more like a super Wal-mart with clothes and other goods.
I dried out as the rain came to a stop just in time. I followed the crowd into the park and was very surprised to find a couple of carnival rides, games, and food stands. It was just like the 4th of July only cold. I got some absolutely amazing freshly made donuts that almost immediately put me into a euphoric/diabetic coma.
I enjoyed watching the rides go and the people for a while before the fireworks started. The display was much like at home, kind of boring until the end. I always wonder why they don't just light them all at once. Now that would be a show. Everyone ooh'd and ahh'd in the appropriate places, but they didn't play any British patriotic songs (if there are any) during the fireworks.
I managed to get away from the crowd exodus pretty quickly and enjoyed my far dryer ride home.
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Great picture!  Awesome...Where did you shoot that?  I remember when I was at work, It was Dec. 31 on that day..a minute before New Year Day..I am alone in my office with my meta scrubs and my stethoscope.  I went to the terace to watch the Count down...I was amazed with the firework...Very Beautiful and brilliant..

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