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Relief from Severe Allergies in Charlotte, NC

Posted Apr 14 2010 6:59am

My name is Donna and my first allergic reaction occurred when I was one month old.  That included a trip to the emergency room as a result of a severe asthma attack.  From then on, I have suffered from allergic reactions to almost everything under the sun.  The sources exist in both inside and outside environments.  My life had become a series of avoidances with my quality of life dwindling.
I had just experienced a new allergic reaction to some unknown exposure for a second time within two months.  The medical solution had been a powerful drug that should not be used very frequently. I followed standard allergic reactive procedure by monitoring what I ate, drank, and applied to my body as well as other exposures.  As anyone with severe allergies knows, this can be exhausting.  I couldn’t figure out the source of the reactions which caused me both fear and dismay.  These reactions were severe and caused me to miss work, something I couldn’t afford in many ways.  I realized that I needed some help.
I came to see Dr. Andrea after hearing about her practice and BioVeda from a relative.  With testing, I learned of some very probable causes to the undiagnosed severe reactions, as well as many others that I wasn’t aware of.  I have not suffered from any severe allergic reactions since I started treatments and I no longer suffer all of the time from allergies.  Many of my allergy symptoms have decreased or become non-existent, and I have been able to reduce my need for multiple allergy medicines.  I have been able to visit environments that I previously had to avoid or ‘spend minimal time in’ due to excessive allergies.
I’m not totally free from allergies, but I have experienced major relief from chronic symptoms.  As the seasons pass, I look forward to what I can experience, instead of what I can’t experience.  I now have a chance to experience a renewed life without multiple medicines, drug reactions, dulled senses, and reduced or avoided exposure.

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