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Reading hyperlinked references on your Touchpad [#webOS]

Posted Oct 14 2011 6:57pm

One of the important requirements for a useful medical e-reference/e-book is hyperlinking functionality, i.e. the ability to jump from one section of the document to another simply by tapping on a hyperlink . I believe that iSilo became the defacto standard as a medical e-reference reader simply because of the ability to do this, aside from the ability to display images, book mark etc.
The most obvious solution for the Touchpad would then be iSilo and indeed iSilo is available in the App Catalog ($9.99). I have tested it out on my Touchpad and I can say it works well like it does on the iPad.

The advantage of the Touchpad is that you can simply plug it in to your PC and set it in USB mode and drag and drop all your iSilo documents over to the device which functions like a USB drive. Alternatively you could use a cloud service like (you do know you get 50Gb free storage for life with your Touchpad don’t you?), drag and drop your files there for reading in your Touchpad. Once in on your Touchpad, you can download it but the catch is you cannot simply open it from within the application (as pdb apparently is not a recognised MIME type). What you need to do is to open iSilo, then navigate to the /media/internal/downloads/boxnet directory and load the ebook from within iSilo.

The only downside about iSilo is that it is not free ($9.99). However with iSiloX you can easily create your own references for free if you have a HTML source file. If you prefer to type in Word, you can follow this tutorial on how to create a document which subsequently can be converted to iSilo format. For medical authors, iSilo provides functionality for protecting intellectual property rights.

The other popular hyperlinked document reader is Mobipocket’s mobi format. The eReader is free and while there is no dedicated mobi reader for webOS, the good news is the Kindle application reads mobi format and is available for free on your Touchpad from the App Catalog . The trick is other than getting ebooks from Amazon, how are you going to sideload your medical e-book in mobi format to the Kindle reader? Intrepid tinkerers in the community have come to the rescue and produced this Kindle Import utility . You need to have Preware installed on your Touchpad (purchase the Homebrew documentation guide in the App Catalog – 99 cents only and show your support! , or else do it yourself here ).
The advantage of Mobipocket is that the reader is free as is the ebook creator . There are however fewer mobi medical ebooks as compared to iSilo but nevertheless it is a completely free way if you want to make your own e-references to carry around in your Touchpad.

Lastly, you can get plently of medical e-books from sources like iSilo Medical Depot
Clinical Medical Consult series

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

Reading hyperlinked references on your Touchpad [#webOS]

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