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Rant Imminent...........

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:51pm
I'm currently holding back.

It's getting very difficult.

I'm deeply unhappy about a work situation and don't know what to do about it.

I'm being advised to stand my ground, make a fuss, get the union involved and generally give them hell about the whole thing

Part of me thinks "I can do that. I can stand up for myself and the others this situation effects"

Part of me thinks "Lie low, don't rock the boat. Don't give them a reason to mess you around"

And a part of me is simply too exhausted to fight. I have been battered with night shifts, I've been ill with the stress of my financial situation and can barely see a light though the smoke. I'm trying to study and have absolutely no motivation to work my arse off for a department that can't function.

Luckily I have a brilliant family and amazing friends, who even though many of them are 100's of miles away, manage to help me............ however the one thing I could do with is a hug........... which you can't get down the phone.

Will update when rant situation resolves.
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