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Random stuff

Posted Nov 14 2008 10:39am
Here's a few random things I've learned/found out in the past few days.

Doing a reel with a cold, a badly banged head and weak ankles is a terribly bad idea. I know, because I've tried.

A Kalashnikov type assault weapon makes a bean-shaped exit wound. I know, because I've seen plenty of evidence today. Med school can be an interesting place.

Taking part in NaNoWriMo can be bad for your sleeping habits. I know, because I keep falling asleep anytime, anywhere. I usually do, but it's far worse this week.

I have a slight type III malocclusion, which is very uncommon in these parts, but the prevailing maxillofacial disorder in the States. I know because our maxillofacial surgeons just showed us the data today.

Getting drafted in times of peace is dangerous. I know, because I've seen plenty of pictures of people who never saw war and yet were killed by assault weapons while in the army, drafted.

Nearing the end of medical school makes non-medical personnell try to be extra-friendly to you. I know, because today, I have received kind answers from the dragonette, who would have drowned me in a spoon of water for such questions if the questions themselves didn't make me acknowledge the fact that I was a fifth year.
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