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Posted Dec 20 2008 7:15pm
I have a cat. She is cute but useless. About two weeks ago, I noticed little teeth marks in my bar of hand soap that is on the kitchen sink. Tiny, rodent sized teeth marks. So, I put out a little trap. A few days later, I heard it in between the walls loudly chewing its way through, well, something that must have been very difficult to chew through, because it was making a lot of noise. At midnight. On this day, kitty was inordinately fascinated with staring at the sound coming from the walls. A cat possessed, she stared and stared, waiting for it to burst forth or something.
The next night, I came into the kitchen, flipped on the light, and had just enough time to see this rodent jump out of my recycle bin and under my oven. I'm afraid I may have screamed like a girl. At this stage, Kitty was sleeping in another room. Completely uninterested in our visitor now that it was in plain view. What's with that?!
So, I redoubled my efforts to capture the thing, and became worried that it seemed quite large. I bought a fancier trap that covers up the gruesome and business end of it. I left it out and few days later I had the back feet and tail of the thing sticking out of the trap. What is the point of having a cat if she won't even come through for the most basic of feline tasks? Well, she is pretty cute.
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