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Posted Nov 06 2008 11:41pm

That (with an open mouthed stare) about sums up my emotions concerning the few patients that I saw during my observation rotation at the premier trauma center in the country. I was told that they often inadvertently have ‘theme nights.’ The night I was there, the theme definitely would have been: Faces. I will spare you from the gory details by using medical terms and other big words.
Patient #1: His cerebrum came in contact with a small lead projectile, forcing it to leave the skull permanently.
Patient #2: Patient’s frontal lobe was herniating into the orbits. I’ll leave that one to the imagination.
Patient #3: Prisoner was stabbed with a bucket handle resulting in a tension pneumothorax.
Patient #4: Patient’s face came in contact with a human fist at a high velocity.
Patient #5: Defenestrated herself from the second story of a burning building, resulting in the avulsion of the lower 2/3 of her face.

If all of these patients had actually only been one person; they would probably not have a head at all.

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