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Quite literally lost in the universe

Posted Nov 11 2008 4:25pm
Ooooh, look who showed up again.

You see, I'm actually doing that NaNoWriMo thingy. And that's on top of seeing almost more lectures in the past month than I have in the past four years, all of the papers that need to be written, working quite diligently on my research, keeping track of all other obligations that need to not be neglected and trying to keep up with at least one subject as it is lectured for the first time since I got myself into medical school. And it's working, I'm actually successfuly juggling it all.

Have I mentioned I'm a bit sleep deprived? Well, I am. A lot.

Also, I think I might have a slightly unhappy brain at the moment. I won't say I concussed myself, because I technically didn't, but it was pretty close what with those scary few seconds when the only thing that kept me concious was the fact that my head hurt like hell. I was actually quite surprised when the room came back into focus and I could hear the people in the next room again and I was still upright. You see, I managed to drive my head, full force, into a book shelf. Said bookshelf was filled with books so it didn't bother to give way. My cranium didn't like the experience and I'm sure my brain didn't either, although it does conveniently lack the ability to hurt me and let me know of such unpleasantries.

Also, it has been decided that I get to apply for an Erasmus exchange and therefore potentially spend a year's worth of scholarship on three months of education. The other nine months should be fun...
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