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Quick app review: ABG Acid-base Eval (iOS)

Posted May 04 2011 6:21pm

Josh has informed me that the ABG Acid-Base Disorder Eval app for iPhone has been released. The blurb:

ABG Acid-Base eval walks a clinician through a stepwise approach to analyse ABG’s and electrolytes in order to arrive at acid-base disorders and diagnostic ideas about ill patients. It is based mainly upon a worksheet developed by Dr. Erik Rupard from the medical literature. This tool not only yields answers, but just as importantly teaches the stepwise thinking process and the necessary concepts along the way. A clinician or learner will wind up with good information that assists patient care and should wind up a little smarter and more able to do it with less assistance the next time. It is a great support for those of us clinicians who use these tests only occasionally and don’t have it memorized. The differential diagnoses include the classic mnemonics like MUDPILERS, CHAMPS, CLEVER PD, and HARDUPS, with explanations and examples.

There are a number of ABG utilites for smartphones and also web based calculators. What sets this app apart is that it teaches one concepts rather than perform a rote calculation and spit out the interpretation. After all, it’s far better to understand the whole basis behind ABG/Acid-Base interpretation rather than take the calculation at face value.
The initial scene of the app is provides a scrolling wheels interface to input the values. I am not sure if this is faster than typing but I guess if you don’t have a hardware keyboard like webOS devices, this could be slightly faster

You can quickly set the values to “normal” by hitting the :Reset to normal” button and then work from there. I found this a little faster this way.
The rest of the screens are step based and at every screen there are clear explanations on the calculation so far and the rationale behind it. At the end, you can compare your interpretation with the actual calculated values, and also handy shortcuts to differential diagnoses of ABG/Acid-base disorders and useful mnemonics like MUDPILERS and CLEVER PD.

If there’s any criticism, this app is more suited to medical students and internal medicine trainees. If more experienced users are looking for quick ABG calculations, then they might find the step driven system somewhat cumbersome and slow but it may prove to be good revision for some.
All in all this is an excellent effort so kudos to Josh Steinberg and team!

Download: from iTunes
Price: Freeware

P.S. Josh as usual has been kind enough to give permission for a webOS port of this app, and provided some flow charts and material to aid to process. It’s quite doable but as usual it’s so many apps and so little time!! There isn’t any ABG app for webOS at the moment so this is high up in my priority list of medical apps for webOS.

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

Quick app review: ABG Acid-base Eval (iOS)

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