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Posted Dec 28 2009 11:49am
What just happened?

Did I read the situation right?

Did I put too much emphasis in my head on what the lady told me when I got out the vehicle rather than reading the situation myself?

I know I did the right checks, but did I get the right answers?

I know what I saw, don't I?

Should I be so angry at the extra crew's response to my handover? Or in hind sight were they right to be so sceptical?

Was the patient really ill? or was it the drink?

Did I think that he was really that ill and dismiss the significance of the drink?

Has the patient pulled a fast one on me without me realising?

The patient didn't die, he seemed well recovered when he left with the other crew, I did the right systematic things, I handed over to the crew with all the information.

So why do I feel I need to justify and question what I saw and as a result what I did?

Why do I feel that the other crew were looking down their nose at me thinking "Silly Girl"?

Why do I feel so crap about a job I know I did right?
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