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Porting a webOS app to Android (I)

Posted Aug 11 2012 5:14am

While I have been involved with moving some of the medical utilities I have previously coded with Ares for webOS over to Web apps and also lately native Android apps with Phonegap, I have not shared the details on how I have done so.
Most of the webOS apps I created have been using Ares as it is really easy with a drag and drop graphical IDE which runs in Chrome or Firefox browser.
Mike Wardo over at webOSNation , like many webOS users, has since moved over to Android. Mike was one of the early webOS adopters and I created a webOS app for him called Cranio which help calculate Cephalic Ratio and Cranial Vault Asymmetry Index – something which might be useful if you are a Prosthetist or Orthotist. Mike recently contacted me if I would port this to Android, and I agreed (time permitting) but I thought it would be a great idea to share the mechanism with readers of this blog.

Requirements 1. Windows PC
2. NSB App studio ($99 but comes with a free trial)
3. Some knowledge of Basic and Javascript

This is the original Cranio App hosted in webOSNation. It is a simple app with the main screen with a List to select one of two modules.


I couldn’t quite recollect the app so I had to download it and run it in the webOS emulator and re-examine the Javascript code in the original app.

… to be continued

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

Porting a webOS app to Android (I)

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