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Plea for help, Also: The Jinx

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:15pm

So, obviously, things are movin' and shakin' around here!

We've already started the frantic "How in the hell are we going to MOVE in, like, a month" discussions. I've put in several phone calls and several dozen email to various realtors, moving companies, truck rental places, and the like to attempt to get some kind of idea of what we're looking at here.

Why didn't I do all this before? Well, I'll tell you.

When I first told Patrick that I wanted to go to medical school, his first reaction was shocked silence. His second was, "Oh, God." His third (the point of this story) was, "Well, you'll fit right in. Doctors are among the most superstitious people I know."

I am not superstitious about normal things, like walked under ladders or black cats or whatever. (Though I have been known to throw spilled salt over my left shoulder.) But there are some things, some times, where I've got it bad.

This match business, for example. Patrick has been looking at houses in Indy for months, ever since his interview. I, however, had not looked at a single one for fear of jinxing it. We visited Patrick's mother last weekend, who said that she'd been saving boxes for us - I interrupted her before she could utter the words "in case you move", because that would obviously ruin the whole thing. On Thursday, the day of the match (did you hear about that?), I considered taking my IU transfer application to work with me in case - OH NO! I possibly destroyed any hope of matching there just by THINKING about that.

I talked to my physician father the other night after everything went down and he said that he hadn't even mentioned the word "Match" all day, so as not to jinx us. I told him about almost taking the application to work and he said, "That would have been the worst thing you could possibly have done!"

Michelle recently blogged about The Jinx as well, proving that this crazy is not merely confined to my own family.

We medical folk are an odd bunch, no?

Wow, this is so far off the topic I had planned to talk about. Anyway, Dear Readers and beloved internet, I am asking for your help and time-honored advice. How does one move? We have a decent sized house that is packed full of stuff. What do we do? What has worked for you and what has been catastrophic? Tell me your secrets!

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