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Physiological Changes to the Body During Stress

Posted Sep 21 2010 10:49pm
Gosh...its amazing what stress can do to one's body. I have been very stressed lately, with exams, portfolios and work.

Stress was at its peak yesterday because it was exam day! My body was behaving oddly.

I could not sleep...(waking up every hour from my sleep is NO sleep at all.

I struggled to eat any of my meals (but forced myself to otherwise my brain cannot function).

I have million butterflies in my stomach (highest number yesterday compared to the rest of the week).

I felt so nauseated that I nearly vomited in the train!

My heart rate was averaging from 90 to 100 bpm for most of the day.

I was having pleuritic chest pain for a few hours.

My fingers and toes were freezing.....and the palms were sweaty.

........... This morning, I slept bit better, still having some flashbacks about the exam yesterday....I just need to stop thinking of the questions and the answers..... Coz when you think about it, you want to know whether you have put down the right answers by looking it up in the book. If the answer was right, that's good....if not, I will feel very upset. So I'm really trying not to think about it.

It is time to get ready to work.... I am not hungry, but probably should have my breakfast otherwise I would be hungry later.

I am hoping for a stress-free day at work today....can't physically manage another stressful day again today.
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