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Palm - where is the Medical section?

Posted Oct 21 2009 10:02pm

Palm has put up a page where you can browse the WebOS apps that are available. I suppose one won’t expect (but shouldn’t we?) this page to be up-to-date with the 200+ or so applications available in the catalog. But what is glaringly missing is the Health and Medical section.
PreCentral’s Homebrew has a Health and Fitness Catgeory and I am aware of at least one medical app in the catalog (ahem, MediPDA )
Is Palm waiting for more apps, especially from the “major software developers” before a medical/health section is up in their page?
We have heard a WebOS version of Epocrates is in the works (hopefully out by the end of the year) and Lexi apps are coming - see the sneak preview video here:

(via PreCentral )

Medical users are watching Palm. I suspect many are wondering if they should go with the iPhone or give Palm a chance with their promising new WebOS platform. No matter how snazzy the phone and new OS is, it won’t be of much use unless there are applications which medics depend on.
So come on Palm, let’s see the Medical section up ASAP!

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

Palm - where is the Medical section?

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