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Palm’s upcoming goodies announced at CES 2010

Posted Jan 07 2010 2:42pm

Palm has just announced goodies at CES 2010
- Flash 10.1 (eat your heart out iPhone)
- Video recording, editing and uploading
- “Plug-in Development Kit,” or PDK. This allows native apps to hook into webOS and interact with the system; expect a ton of C++ app ports; this also means graphic intensive gaming (already some apps from EA have made their way into the catalog)
- Palm Pre Plus (16 Gb) and the Pixi Plus (with Wifi) for Verizon
- Officially opening the webOS Developer Program, including a $1 million Hot Apps bonus program for webOS developers. The program is open to developers worldwide and will award $1 million to the most successful applications distributed from Feb. 1 through May 31, 2010. Top free and paid app developers will get additional bonuses. Details are available at

Now watch the entire CES presentation video:

What does this means for medical users? Expect a flood of apps this year. Aside from Project Ares which should make coding easier, porting of native C++ apps can only be a good thing as previously professional developers have been hesitant about Javascript app development. I think 2010 will be a good year for Palm. We need to see more carrier partnership and a truly global rollout beyond NA and Europe. Please don’t forget the large market in the Asia-Pacific region!

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

Palm’s upcoming goodies announced at CES 2010

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