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Of blogs and gadgets

Posted Apr 23 2013 8:13am

It’s been a busy month for me, with the run up to a national scientific meeting, talks to prepare and on top of that some website housekeeping to attend to. One of the major projects I’ve been doing is an overhaul of one of my other main blogs, the Malaysian Medical Resources , which required trimming of years of outdated blog posts and updating numerous links. One final touch is of course to make the site Mobile Friendly – and for that I relied on WPTouch Pro which also powers the mobile view of this site.
One of my upcoming talks is supposed to be on IT and how it benefits Haematologists – a grand opportunity for me to reflect on the fantastic amount of progress we’ve seen the past ten years. Devices are getting so much more powerful, broadband is getting faster and with the advent of 4G/LTE we are now seeing very fast wireless connections. At the same time it was also sad to reflect on the demise of webOS (now replaced by openwebOS which really hasn’t taken off yet) and I would think the user base is dwindling. I still get some feedback on some of my old webOS software like BeeNews but I am afraid I can’t support these anymore. I still have my Pre3 smartphone but it is now sitting in a drawer, serving as a backup phone. While a webOS phone is a great device, it simply does not have the key apps which a mobile doctor needs e.g. Epocrates, Uptodate Lexidrugs and not to mention the general utility apps which have become quite essential e.g. Whatsapp, Handbase etc.
At this point it’s sad but I think we can finally lay webOS to rest. It’s been a fantastic journey Palm/HP. Thanks for the ride.

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

Of blogs and gadgets

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