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Now can I have my life back?

Posted Nov 27 2008 11:03am
*points proudly at the new piccie in the sidebar*

25 days and 53742 words later, I am the proud author of a novel. Well, a first draft, really, which I doubt very much will ever be much more, but that doesn't really matter. What matters is the fact that I have been meaning to try and write a novel for years, felt like a loser for not even trying, but never really had either the time, or the idea or anything really to get started. Not to mention I'm a perfectionist and would probably suffer utterly, realising the whole thing is crap. With NaNoWriMo, however, it doesn't matter that it sucks and it doesn't take all that much time - just one month of my life and than it's all over. All this focusing on getting enough words out in a limited span of time really does wonders for the creativity aspect. Not so much for the excellence department, but whatever.

In other news... Friday is the day. If all goes well, I will get to see the first actual birth of a baby, up close and personal. That is, I will see it if there's a pregnant lady in L&D on Friday morning willing to have me in the room while she's in the second stage of labor.

Oh, and, charts from the year 2001 are all done. Now I just need to get all the way to 2008, and then get the charts of all these patients from the Oncology department and gather all the data from there, and then I have to analyse it all, and then I have to write it up to near perfection. Easy...
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