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Nov 25?!

Posted Nov 25 2008 11:17am
Riiight... witing that novel has obviously been very, very bad for this blog. On the upside, I am this close *brings two fingers very close together* to hitting 50.000 and this close *fingers a bit wider apart* to actually finishing the whole thing. So there's that.

Other than that, I've just finished giving two presentations. One sucked as expected because the guy evaluating them lives in a universe where nothing is perfect unless he has thought of it just this second. Even if it's something he came up with only a few days earlier, it's obviously rubbish. And if it's something that's of our own making... well, I don't even know why I'm trying. I'm obviously too stupid to ever make it anyway. The other one sucked unexpectedly, thanks to a resident who felt the need to oppose the opinion of every specialist in his field. Of course, none of the specialists were around to explain stuff to him, and quoting them didn't have the desired effect. Ego trip, once more.

Both were surgeons.

Now before I continue, I have a joke for you all. If you're a surgeon, remember, I actually like you, but this is still funny.

How does a surgeon commit suicide?
By jumping off his ego onto his IQ.

See, I told you it was funny. Anyway, I was told I have a very decent IQ, so this simple truth makes me wonder. Have they lied to me? Or will I simply surrender about 60 IQ points by signing that residency contract? I'd really like to know, before I do something ill-advised.

Oh, and, if you take any of this seriously and get offended... may the deity of choice help you, because you really do take stuff too seriously for your own good.
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