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"Nobel Prizes Monster Under the Bed (with HIV Nowhere to Be Found)" Commentary by Christopher C. Barr

Posted Oct 08 2008 12:00am

Many children pass through a stage when they fear a “monster under the bed” that is neither monstrous nor real. Adults with such fear are fewer in number and considered psychotic.

The Nobel Prize Committee this week sought to legitimize such childish fears held by adults -- in age only -- with its Medicine category award for discovery of a virus never caught in the act of doing anything to anyone (or any cell) anywhere ever.

The virus renamed HIV – that’s right, it was renamed from a scientifically accurate name to one more easily sellable – is a myth akin to the proverbial “monster under the bed”.

A very scant few have known about the-more-myth-than-reality-of HIV for more than two decades. However, their numbers have been growing the last several years.

The ignoble Nobel Medicine prize was actually split with the viral progenitor of the HocusPocusVaccine Gardasil from the latest Merck (black) magic for an alleged discovery that HPV is a monstrous scourge causing cancer.

Propping up profitable myths with an igNobel bailout

This year has been a rough year for HIV and HPV.

The HPV vaccine has been noted through only the first half of this year with almost 10,000 adverse effects reported including paralysis and almost two dozen deaths predominantly in little girls.

These just represent the HPV adverse effects admitted by FDA and CDC after Freedom of Information Act requests were long delayed and enforcement coming only after court action.

This year has also been the year of the greatest surge ever of people questioning the HIV-AIDS virus hype-othesis including doctors, academicians and journalists.

The Nobel Committee has come to the rescue of the teetering HIV and HPV enterprises with a Nobel Prize in an attempt to legitimize these illegitimate ventures as bailouts are all the rage these days.

Remember that the Nobel comes by way of an industrialist profiting profusely from violence. It is a mainstream group propping up mainstream ventures today increasingly part of very polluted streams for profit.

The greatest story never told

The full telling of the HIV tale of fraud would be a lengthy one and is long time overdue for the telling. Word will not get out easily or without a considerable fight against it.

The unholy trinity of BIG government, BIG pharma and BIG media all act together as one for this most sacred cash cow of HIV/AIDS that is decidedly against the interests of you, yours and mine.

The CDC campus has been transformed from an old 1950s high school campus pre-HIV/AIDS in the early 1980s to its current multi-billion dollar facility with HIV mythology as its foundation.

Drug companies have made a killing from HIV mythology figuratively speaking (literally as well if the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth was known).

The greatest source of advertising revenue comes to mainstream media by way of pharmaceutical advertising. (BIG PHARMA also has the largest presence in the halls of congress both in numbers of lobbyists and the cash they dispense.)

The Genesis Of AIDS (forgotten or not known)

More than 25 years ago this columnist wrote that the immune system problem then growing rampant in homosexual populations (though consisting of three other distinctive risk groups as well) would eventually be blamed on a virus – and erroneously so.

Blame subsequently was laid upon a Human T-Lymphotropic Virus (HTLV) in particular known as HTLV-III and also called Lymphadenopathy virus (LAV).

The name of this virus was changed without any conclusive proof – or even any proof at all – to HIV and tagged as “the AIDS virus”. It has come to be called HIV-AIDS by a consensus of acclamation rather than by way of any scientific investigation.

In order to further whitewash/confuse matters the name HTLV-III has in recent years been assigned to another completely different virus so if you research this columnist’s facts today you are likely to conclude this columnist wrong – and erroneously so.

At the time of the ‘Declaration of HIV/AIDS Dependence’ this columnist had already discovered that the true source of the AIDS problem was drug usage – and not particularly or necessarily limited to illegal drug usage but to legal drug usage as well.

The message of drug use causing AIDS was reported in print and broadcast media by this columnist with little or (usually) no attention being given to this matter of (literally) life and death.

During the year 1986 associates of mine at a newspaper where we worked together in southern California -- one of the largest newspapers in the world -- asked if I had ever heard of Dr. Peter Duesberg . I had not and they informed me that he was a long time professor at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) who was saying similar things as I about AIDS not being from a virus and being due to drug usage.

To Be or Not To Be … Credentialed

Is it a question of credentials being the key to getting the truth out about AIDS?

Professor Duesberg began cancer research more than 20 years before in 1963 and discovered the first cancer gene in 1970.

Duesberg also mapped the genetic sequence of retroviruses. The virus subsequently declared by National Cancer Institute (NCI) director Dr. Robert Gallo to be the HIV/AIDS virus (as though by magic) is a retrovirus.

Dr. Gallo noted that Duesberg, “knew more about retroviruses than any man alive.

In 1986 Duesberg was elected one of the youngest members of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) – called the most respected scientific body in the United States.

One year later Duesberg published a paper describing the flaws in the HIV/AIDS causation theory. As an academy member he was not required to be peer reviewed but was anyway by six separate peer reviews. More than 20 years later his paper remains unrefuted.

Dr. Gallo said years ago he would refute it yet never has.

Dr. Luc Montagnier who just this week was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering that HIV (HTLV-III/LAV) causes AIDS (though there is no proof that it does) said years ago he would refute Duesberg but never has either.

More than two dozen special reviewers at NAS were assigned to analyze Duesberg’s refutations of HIV/AIDS virus causation and editors admitted that not a single, uncorrectable flaw in fact or logic could be identified.

Professor Duesberg was never refused any funds from NIH grants for more than 20 years prior to his sound, scientific, and irrefutable presentations against the HIV/AIDS causation hypothesis. He at times received even more funding than he requested.

Professor Duesberg has never received approval for any funds from NIH grants for more than 20 years since his sound, scientific, and irrefutable presentations against the HIV/AIDS causation hypothesis. Your tax dollars NOT at work.

I no longer feel bad about being ignored on these matters (or for not having allegedly proper credentials).

I still feel very badly for the masses of humanity suffering due to the politics of health matters reigning supreme over the truth of health matters.

[For an exceedingly thorough, unbiased examination of this matter check out ‘Gallo’s Egg’ by investigator Clark Baker at http://exlibhollywood. egg.html . Baker is a retired Los Angeles Police Detective who was a whistleblower at the L.A.P.D. and currently is a corporate investigator. When asked by a professional group of medical doctors and academicians to examine this matter he had never known that there was any questioning of HIV/AIDS. He didn’t expect to find much. He found much, much more -- much to his surprise and to his chagrin.]

Nobel errors keep adding up (and subtracting down from truth)

Half of this year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine went to a German scientist for discovering that HPV causes cervical cancer. What fact there is in that is fraught with fiction.

100 years ago another German scientist was awarded a Nobel Prize for discoveries on fermentation. Yet the hypothesis offered by him for fermentation was actually incorrect. What actual truth was found in that work originally came almost 50 years earlier from Dr. Antoine Béchamp of France.

This was yet another in a long line of dishonors to Béchamp – the greatest scientific genius of his or any other era since.

Not the least of the long line of dishonors to this grand man of science and humanity was his being whitewashed from the pages of history due to the lies, frauds and plagiarisms of Louis Pasteur.

The other half of this year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine went to recipients of the Louis Pasteur Institute for lies and frauds about HIV/AIDS. In an interesting twisted irony Dr. Robert Gallo has been notably enriched financially by his plagiarism of the Pasteur Institute fraud with his claim as discoverer for that now awarded by Nobel – though Nobel did not acknowledge Gallo who plagiarized this more recent Pasteur Institute fraud.

Much greater is the tragedy regarding the multitude discoveries of Béchamp. Application in this day of his long ago works would greatly benefit mankind today. However, his discoveries do not benefit the establishment scientific or business communities.

This year marks 100 years since the passing of Dr. Antoine Béchamp as he neared 100 years of age. Next week is the anniversary of his birth.

Never in the recorded records of history has any man been so well credentialed as Béchamp. He received university degrees individually in biology, chemistry, physics, pharmacy, and medicine. Yes, he was a medical doctor. Béchamp was also a researcher and university professor in all these subjects.

If all of this story received its full and total telling then THAT would be appropriate for Nobel prizes in literature, chemistry and medicine.

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