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New pages on : free iPhone and Android medical apps

Posted Sep 04 2011 6:20pm

If you are in the medical profession, as a student, doctor, nurse, pharmacist or paramedic, chances are you are using or contemplating using a smartphone. Smartphones are vital not just as a medium of communication (voice, text, email) but because one has the ability to install and run a myriad of medical applications which are so useful when at the “point-of-care” or whenever one wants to look up bits of information when away from the desk or PC. In the heyday of PalmOS, that platform was the King-of-the hill when it came to medical applications (for a historical perspective, see my old PalmOS pages ). Yes Palm was the first to come out with a smartphone (those of you who still remember the Visor, and later the Treo series) and the concept of smartphone applications on a touchscreen before Apple did (though one must admit Apple did the whole ecosystem thing right, including a fabulously easy to use Appstore). Then came the iPhone and we’re now into generation 4 going on to the iPhone5 soon. The iPhone is the new King-of-the-hill when it comes to medical applications on a mobile device, challenged strongly by Google’s Android platform. So it’s basically a two-horse race now when it comes to smartphones for medical people – either an iPhone or an Android phone. webOS was the platform that could have been but given HP’s decision to kill off webOS hardware , the future of webOS smartphones is somewhat murky unless there is news of another hardware manufacturer of webOS phones.
New and old iPhone and Android medical users would surely want to stock up their devices with medical applications and what better way than to get free medical apps. Yes, free as in free beer. There are in fact plenty to choose from for both iPhone and Android and to help you on your way, we have created a couple of new pages of free medical applications:

Free Medical iPhone Apps
Free Medical Android Apps

The list in each page is not exhaustive and certainly subject to change as new free apps are created. If you know of any that I have not included that you think should be in either list, please feel free to email me .

On another note, if you are reading on a smartphone, you’ll probably notice that our site is smartphone friendly (if it weren’t that would be ironic as our site is for mobile medical users!) as we are powered by WP-Touch Pro . Normally you will first see our blog posts in the main screen but in order to access the pages in our Touch friendly mobile format, just click on the upper right menu circled in red here:

When you tap on the upper right menu you will be presented with a list of Pages. There will also be a menu bar at the top and tapping on the upper left one will get you back to Pages.

The other upper menu bar options give you the Blog post categories and tags.

To get back to the main page listing blog posts, just tap on the top bar which says “The Palmdoc Chronicles”

That’s it for now. We hope you enjoy reading the blog and that you find the free iPhone and Android medical app pages useful. Don’t forget to leave feedback in the comments here or in the forum.

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

New pages on : free iPhone and Android medical apps

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