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Natural Family Planning application

Posted Jan 06 2011 8:22pm

Jesika writes:

I was wondering if Dr. Teh is the person who wrote the NFP (Natural Family Planning) app for palmOS. I used to have a Palm Centro and recently switched to a Palm Pre. I have not found a suitable replacement for the palmOS NFP app for webOS. Are there any plans to release the NFP app for webOS? I am still using my Palm Centro to track my fertility. Please advise, thank you very much.

Hi, thanks for writing in and no, I have not written any NFP apps for PalmOS. I believe you are referring to this app . I don’t think there is any NFP app for webOS yet in the 5000+ App Catalog. This is an opportunity for webOS developers and indeed it’s nice to see others take up the challenge and develop more medical webOS apps like Greg who is developing a Pediatric Growth Chart app for webOS. Any takers for NFP?

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

Natural Family Planning application

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