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My List

Posted Jul 11 2011 3:07pm
I remember making a list of things I wanted to do before I turn 30. I know there's no need to make such lists...but somehow a list makes life somewhat more interesting! So here is the list I've created when I was quarter of a century old. Next to some of the statements are my comments/thoughts on them.

1. run a marathon or 10k (yeah....doing a 10k this weekend)
2. skiing/sledging (making too many excuses for this; "no time")
3. go sky diving (know for a fact that wont happen coz i'm a chicken)
4. own a pair of manolo blahnik/christian louboutins (i can only dream, with my horrible bunions, i cant even fit into these lovely shoes, or walk on them!)
5. fall in love again (yeap, in love now)6. married with a at least one child (this thought is down the drain)7. learn hip hop dancing (probably getting too old for this now - so unflexible/stiff/uncoordinated)8. go to wimbledon to watch fedex/nadal play live (tickets way to pricey)9. get horribly drunk (yeap...done dat, not a good feeling)10. wall climbing (yeah, went to learn this on my own...havent been back coz I need a partner)11. see the world (still haven't visited my countries yet)12. take up a new hobby ( i did, which is beading)13. not to grow up (aha...still dun plan to)14. cycling trip in an EU country (still planning)15. own a convertible (dream on)16. dancing like an idiot, and no one watching (well, did dance like an idiot at a night out...and i'm sure loads of my colleagues were laughing at me!)17. do some sexy dancing with a hot guy (ermm...haha...yes, i will say, yes. i sexy danced with a hot guy from work 3 years ago!)18. own a beautiful house/apartment (been moving around too much to be able to buy a place permanently)19. learn to play the drums (hmm...bila ada masa?)20. have a one night stand (why not?)
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