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"Merck the Chicken Little Gerberding Vaccine Agenda" podcast link

Posted Jan 13 2010 12:00am

Obama's Opaque Transparency or Pelosi's Lead-lined Negligee podcast link -- Transparency that is neither transparent nor truthful is all the rage in Washington, D.C. these days as the Democrats scheme behind close doors on health care reform .

Do the leftists even care that it would turn over near complete control for the health of the American people to the Executive Branch of government? What happens when the next president is Republican? How can liberal legislative branch adults be so short sighted? I would posit that those raised in government schools were never taught the Law of Cause and Effect.

There is a reason the Founding Fathers created a government with a Separation of Powers. Who in D.C., besides Ron Paul, even reads the Constitution nowadays? This hour, I delve into the freedom-destroying secret health care reform bill - the one that Obama, Pelosi and Reid don't want you to see on C-span.

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Podcast link:

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