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Medical Histories' impact on Medical Students

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:20pm 1 Comment
Hello Blog World! Am out of the exam zone, the compulsory celebratory excesses & subsequent recoveries!

Couple of topics I have been ruminating on lately. I have a friend who would be an excellent candidate for medicine, she is brilliant at sciences, hardworking and a caring considerate person to boot. However having a history of mental illness she thinks this automatically excludes her from the profession. She now has to use a walking aid, something else she thinks will exclude her.
Also TV has a lot to answer for! Apparently there has been some 'documentary' on recently about "doctors who hear voices..." saying that one can be signed off for depression but this isn't sufficient for an episode of psychosis. Apparently, according to the drama says they can no longer be a doctor. What their status actually is, is left unexplained.
I happen to know a few people in medicine with histories of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. My friend remarks 'well they obviously haven't declared it' actually they have. In one instance it was a consultant who did something for the former patient, now med student's UCAS application. Then she says being a med student is not the same as applying for a job, which I had to disagree with... the stringent requirements & conditions to get into med school are far greater than my one professional job. Being on a ward with a badge that says 'medical student' immediately brings responsibilities & priviledges, arguably beyond that status accorded to any other undergraduate course.
I would like to get my information from slightly more credible sources than television "documentaries" but I'm not sure where to start with this, GMC guidelines? I did know about people in wheelchairs not being 'suitable candidates' but with regards to the walking aid, how far does this rule go?

In other news a consultant teacher asked me for an answer the other day and I was totally flummoxed when he (pleasantly) told me I was wrong! I was so adament I was right I had to go home & check a number of sources which agreed with me! I feel vindicated (I do know something after all thank goodness) but dearie me I hope he is not marking any exams any time soon!
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