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Lexi-comp and the Pre 3

Posted Nov 23 2011 3:00am

Ever since Epocrates pulled the plug on webOS support, Lexi-comp steadfastly stood by and provided support for both webOS smartphones as well as the new Touchpad. It was practically the only major medical software vendor left as far as an installable webOS drug database goes.
The Pre 3 sporting the latest webOS version for smartphones (2.2.3) had a soft launch in Europe before HP made that fateful decision to cancel all further hardware development. Now the bad news for Lexi-comp subscribers who somehow managed to get their hands on a Pre 3 is that there are some incompatibility issues. Dr. David Jarvis from the PreCentral forums explains

Just a hopeful warning to folks here. As is detailed in the Pre3 forum, Lexi-Comp doesn’t work on Pre3′s, and at this point Lexi has made a reasonable decision not to spend more resources trying to make it work. It works on all other webOS devices though.
Not being able to leave well enough alone, of course, I tried it anyway, by copying the versions off my Pre2 which I am not using now, and off the TouchPad, and installing them on my Pre3. (this involves major non-standard tinkering that is not officially supported by ANYONE, and if you goof, could brick your device!)
The backbone program from Pre2 does indeed install, and can be activated, but then does not show the list of databases to actually install. That is where the Pre3′s version of the OS is broken, much like the difference between Android 2.x and 3.x.
I spoke with an incredibly helpful guy from Lexi, who did help me try to activate it to no avail, as no list of databases would show. He said this is what they ran into as well. Unfortunately, before they or HP could fix it in August, HP pulled the webOS plug from Pre3, and the HP people who were coming to Lexi quit coming out to work with them on it, and it just has not made sense for them to spend resources on a phone that has very limited market (Pre3) in the US. They still fully support the other webOS devices he said.
HOWEVER, he said if a future webOS update fixes the compatibility issue, that Lexi will try again. And he helped me set it up on my TouchPad, where it is slowly installing.

I think the really bad news is the fact HP has not lent a hand to Lexi-comp to help resolve the problems Pre 3 medical users are facing. This is a shame since HP actually sold the device and I think this lends credence to the notion going round that there will be no more webOS updates for the Pre 3 and perhaps HP has no further intentions to produce anything (if at all) other than tablets.
The only remaining drug look up options for Pre 3 users are really online sources e.g. the Medscape mobile website, Epocrates online or Drugview for webOS .

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

Lexi-comp and the Pre 3

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