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Lazy Worm Infestation

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:04pm
HELP!! Someone help me! Lazy worms are creeping all over me. I tried to pinch them away, but they are just so sticky, and would not let my skin go! Anyone with solutions??? Please fill me in. I really need it ASAP.

Sigh. Lazy worm infestation is my own diagnosis. The infection just started a few days ago, but it has gotten worse today. How did I contract this fatal illness? Let me explain.

Tomorrow I will begin my 1 week shadowing at the hospital I will be working in starting August. Excited?Nope. Basically, what I understood the objective of this shadowing week is to help us students (who will be working soon) to orientate ourselves in the hospital setting as a junior doctor. I will learn how to function properly in the ward (prescribing, learn where to get what forms, etc). Every student in Scotland has to undergo this shadowing week. Well, it is, of course, really good to get my bearings correct prior to working full swing, but I am dreading it. I want to enjoy my last few weeks as a student as much as I can. I do not want all that responsibility once I start working. Moreover, I haven't touched my book since my exam, and have been spending my days shopping, travelling, watching movies, watching the world cup and now, the wimbledon! =P How am I going to pull myself together to work in the hospital tmr?

To make me dread tomorrow (and the rest of the week) further, I am travelling everyday from Dundee to Glasgow at 5.30 am(which means I have to be up by 4 something in the am!!!). The reason for this is because no accomodation is provided for us. I suppose I could stay a couple of nights in a B&B, but I need to save some money. I have been spending too much on shopping, and travelling too. A night at a B&B will cost me about 20 quid at least, whereas, my megabus ride to and fro Glasgow for the week only amounted to 28 pounds. Guess I have to sacrifice abit of my precious sleep to save the money. After the hospital, I am going to catch the 6pm bus back to Dundee, and by the time I reach home, it will be 9pm. Sigh.

I forsee my next few days till the weekend as tiring. Hope I do not need to work too hard in the hospital during this week. hehe. Ohh...I just can't wait for the and my friends are planning to go to Stonehaven. Till I find a cure for my lazy worm infestation, I shall continue to watch the world cup match between Switz and Ukraine......and then, probably retire to my bed early. Fingers crossed, I would be able to wake up in the wee hours of the day! Wish me luck!
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