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Posted Nov 29 2008 11:05am
... aka babycatching unit.

And it's fun, too. Not enough fun for me to actually consider Ob/Gyn as a specialty, but still, I had a very nice day.

The father of the first vaginally delivered baby was especially adorable. This was his third, so he hung on bravely, helped his wife, took care of her mask, held her hand, even learned how to up the N2O supply. A stunning performance by the new dad. Mom was even better.

Then, when all was done, mom was clean, placenta was out, baby was clean and screaming his head off... a picture perfect scene and all the dad had to do was to whip out the camera and make the moment immortal. Unfortunately, at this point, he had to be escorted out by me. He turned green. And by green, I mean green. He looked like a ghost.

After I sat him down and opened the window on him, he cleared up in a few seconds thanks to the cold weather, and insisted on going back into the delivery room, in spite of the fact that he was still green. Unfortunately for him, I insisted a little harder that he was to sit tight until I decided I liked his color better. Poor guy, getting picked on by med students. He was allowed to go back in after a few minutes, I wasn't about to be mean to him.

There were also the slightly less stellar performances by parents-to-be. I won't go into details, because I really feel sorry for the couple - they were young, appeared unprepared for facing parenthood and they were scared shitless. Luckily, by the time mom started losing it for real, dad got a grip on himself, sort of, and was able to help, but still. I know all three will be fine (we have excellent post-partum support), which is what matters, but I can't help feeling sorry for them after I've seen them so lost.

Oh and, C-sections are brutal. I can take a lot of gruesome stuff, but this was the worst I've seen so far. I know the reasoning behind the technique they use, I appreciate the trouble they go through to leave mom's abdominal wall in the best condition possible. Still... OUCH.

And I case you didn't know, the placenta is ugly. That is the weirdest looking piece of tissue I've ever seen and it has all those fetal membranes attached to it and it just looks so... alien. And sometimes, bits and pieces of it get stuck on the inside and they have to be taken out by the Ob, along with the remaining membranes. That, too, is a nasty scene to behold.

All in all, L&D is not a place for the faint-hearted.
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