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Kids in Cars

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:51pm

The Sat Nav is really bugging me. Its directed me down some horrendous winding, thin back road and by the time I realise I could have taken a better road its too late and I'm concentrating hard to not put us in one of the many field around us, but of course to hit the 8 minute target.

The call is for a RTC involving 2 cars on a back road between The Concrete Jungle and Jacketsville. Our only clue as to where on the road the collision is, is the blue twinkling lights in a dip in the landscape.

The only place to park on scene is behind the fire truck hiding my view of the crash. BadJoke Boy* has got out the vehicle while I stop the motor and fiddle with getting my jacket on (the collar is so big if I wear it when I'm driving, checking the blind spot becomes checking my collar instead!).

I walk around the fire trunk carefully, the only illumination is from the blue beacons left on and the odd dancing torch light as, more prepared, people wonder around the scene. There doesn't seem to be a lot of activity around the car itself

The car is on its roof, the weight looks to be tipped towards the front nearside. I can't see any of the front passenger side as it now appears to be part of the road surface. From the back its look ok apart from the lack of windows and being the wrong way up.

I find BadJoke Boy* among a group of teenagers (I'm starting to feel old when I come across these people!). Everyone is fine, the only injuries are a few small cuts from climbing through the window to get out when everything had stopped moving. One lad has deep enough cuts for us to advise him to travel to hospital with us.

The story from the driver is that of a careful drive at midnight with his friends when he suddenly and inexplicably lost control for absolutely no reason whatever. The force of this unknown element enabled his car to do a somersault and land on its roof in good weather and visibility. He was of course driving strictly to the highway code and within the 60 mph speed limit of this quiet country road at midnight and was in no way whatsoever trying to impress his friends with his amazing abilities as a newly qualified driver.

The only part of the story we truly believed was that they all had their seat belts on. If they hadn't I don't think they would have climbed out. Very lucky.

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