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Johnson Method for Chronic Pain Treatment In Fresno

Posted Feb 17 2010 9:02am
Dr. Robert Boydston D.C., of the Boydston Institute in Fresno Answers Frequently Asked Questions About the Johnson Method For Chronic Pain Treatment...

Bult I have been successfully helping chronic pain and fibromyalgia at the Boydston Institute here in Fresno for 4 years now. I recently received some questions from some of my readers and patients about the Johnson Method for chronic pain and decided it would be best to address it here on the blog.

Dr. Michael L. Johnson is a Chiropractic Neurologist based out of Wisconsin. He is both a friend and a colleague of mine. When I first opened the Boydston Institute and was focusing on chronic pain and fibromyalgia I heard about Dr. Johnson's approach.

He had a unique way of applying functional neurology and getting results with patients that many doctors were failing with. I heard some lectures that he gave and became one of his first students when he began teaching his methods to other doctors. That was 3 years ago.

I have incorporaed the best things from the Johnson Method, and by working with so many patients over the years have refined our current treatment methodology to incorporate the best of functional medicine, functional neurology, and functional immunology to create a clinic that is unlike no other in Fresno or the entire Central Valley.

We have pioneered the non-invasive, non-drug treatment of chronic pain and fibromyalgia here and continue to be the first choice for patients who want care beyond pain meds.

Functional neurology and brain based therapy are still one of the keystones of our chronic pain treatment, but without addressing the metabolic, hormone, and immune problems that co-exist, at the same time we are addressing the brain and neurological system, then the outcomes are not optimal.

So yes we use the Johnson Method at the Boydston Institute, but we have treated so many patients that we have really discovered what works, what doesn't, and incorporated a comprehensive functional medicine approach along with it. So what we do is the Boydston Institute Methodology a truly unique approach that our patients love and appreciate because of the life changing results they have seen.

If you would like to read more about our fibromyalgia and chronic pain treatment program you can request our Fibromyalgia Recovery Report and Videos for free. Simply enter your name and email below, and click the "Send Me The Report" button and we will send it to your inbox.

To schedule your initial case review and consultation at the Boydston Institute call (559) 297-9218 or click here to request an appointment online .

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