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Posted Jan 07 2009 6:04pm 5 Comments
I hate itch. The moment you start scratching, the itch gets worse.

Recently, I have developed a funny rash. The skin around my neck began to feel really itchy initially. I began scratching away, thinking that it is caused by my hair poking around my neck. However, the next day, my body began to itch. This time, I put it down to dry skin, since the weather here in Glasgow is getting colder.

However, exactly a week ago, after coming back from a late shift at work, I realised that my whole body was covered with red little dots of rash. I was feeling super duper itchy. Nothing I do could help to reduce the itch. The rash also started to spread down both my arms the next day.

I became worried. Allergy? nah...neither did I use any new creams, nor eat anything different. Bed bug? Well, bugs won't bite me in this fashion. I was clueless. I did not feel ill at all. The only thing I had was a sorethroat which went away within an hour or so.

My whole neck area was (and still is) filled with red patches. I had to be careful with my clothes, so that I can hide the rashes . Otherwise, ppl would think that I'm suffering from a contagious disease (with the rash).

Clarythine did not help to relieve the itchiness. I decided to take Piriton instead, which worked wonders! Unfortunately, Piriton made me so drowsy that I felt so miserable trying to work and finish my jobs at the same time. hehe. Even the nurse in the hospital noticed that I looked so sleepy. But at least the rash is reduced. Not so red anymore and not too itchy. Tiny red dots are still visible though.

I think this rash could be a viral thingy or maybe just stress-related rash?? I dunno.
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i itch but when i scratch i can't stop so i get scabs and they bleed please tell me what it is
i sometimes experience pain from my waist down through my legs especially when i got to bed, i try to walk it out however it dosent seem to help, it almost seem as though my musles are deteriating.
i started getting really itchy for the last 2 days  down there and cant stop its doing my head in help
my wife has a liver desease witch is causing her to break out with bumps and open sores she has tried the cream the dr gave her but she is still itching herself crazy anybody have any sugestions
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