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It's The Last Day of The Year 2011

Posted Dec 31 2011 3:35pm
Yes this is one of those entries where I reflect upon the year that is about to come to an end. So feel free to stop reading now as it may bore you.

I remember being really busy preparing for exams. In April, I sat Part 2 MRCP. This was quickly followed by a failed attempt at PACES in June. And as a result of my failure, I was unable to proceed to the next stage in my career. Fortunately, my 2nd attempt in October was successful, and because of that, I have completed my membership exams.

Should I say that obtaining full MRCP was somewhat life-changing for me? Well, I guess it was. I mean when I failed PACES, I felt really low. My confidence was down in the dumps, and I felt really embarrassed. The embarrassment was due to the fact that my junior colleagues passed theirs without much problem, and I seemed to be struggling with it. Yes, I have some ego in me. When I found out that I passed PACES, I was really super-duper overjoyed.

Then, it was time for me to choose which specialty I wanted to specialise in. I received 2 job offers; one in diabetes/endocrinology, and the other, in neurology. I chose the latter as I felt it was more interesting diagnosing the weird and wonderful neurological disorders. I am thoroughly enjoying the job at the moment, although I have alot to read up on.

Work aside, the only other exciting achievement for me was running and completing my first ever 10k. I was happy that I finished it in just over an hour. However, I regretted not training for it properly because I ended up with a very bad left knee injury, which left me inactive for a few months. I will definitely try to run it again this year, and aim for a better time!

My unhappiest moment in this year was when I was informed of my beloved doggie, Kiki's death in September. She suffered from septicaemia. I really do miss her alot, and think about her sometimes, especially, when I see other dogs walking in front of me with their owner.

This year saw me spending 2 holidays back home (which is unheard of since I came to the UK in 2004). =) Hopefully I would be able to repeat this next year. Nothing, absolutely nothing, beats spending holidays back home with my family and friends, whilst enjoying the comfort of being in the country where I grew up in!

2011 has been great. The 4 goals I set for myself in January have all been achieved; running 10k, travelling abroad (spent a week in Belgium in summer), passing exams, and going home. I am very grateful for what I have. I have also been very fortunate to have met new colleagues, who are now my friends, who have supported me while I prepared for my exams/job interviews.

What does 2012 hold for me?

I am looking forward to catching the London Olympics because I have tickets to watch badminton finals!! woohoo!!! Lee Chong Wei...dun disappoint me! I want to see you in the finals!! :P

I hope that 2012 will take me closer to my partner. I am seriously tired of the distance. I really just want us to be together everyday, that isn't too much to ask for, right?.... and deep down in me, I am hoping that we could settle down, get a house and slowly build a family.

I need to work hard and be geekier (is there even such a word?!) as I gradually build up my confidence, skill and knowledge in the field of neurology. It will be interesting to see how much I would have hopefully learned after 1 year.

Watch this space!

Happy 2012!!!


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