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It's Not Yours to Decide

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:04pm
I have been working in the Rheumaholiday ward for the past 2 weeks. (note it is rheuma-holiday not rheumatology...=P)

As this ward is a Day Ward, patients normally come in as a gang on a Monday and by Thursday, most of them would have been discharged. The majority of them are admitted for intravenous infusions of various drugs (eg. iloprost and immunoglobulins).

Basically, I function as a clerk-o-meter and a vampire (i suck blood from everyone) in the ward. Sounds pretty simple eh? Yes it is....but the only thing that I really hate about is certain patient's attitude. I don't mean to say that they are rude or nasty, it's just the way they act at times. Many of them are season ticket holders to the ward. Hence, they become VERY demanding.

Two examples:

"Hey, doc, I want you to put the venflon into the vein at the back of my left hand."


"Hi doctor, no venflons at my hands, please put them around here. (whilst pointing at her antecubital fossa)."

Who are they to decide where I want to put the bloody venflon??! I really get annoyed when patients say all these things. Sheesshh!!!

To make matters worse, they do not have the greatest vein in the world! They have connective tissue diseases....hence, they have thick skin or tiny fragile veins. So, it is certainly not up to them to choose where they want the venflon inserted.

However, I just told them that I'll try my best to find a vein there, but if I can't, I'll have to try somewhere else (in a very polite manner, of course). Sigh.

oh, btw, here is another example:

"Oh, why are you putting in the green venflon? I have always had the pink one."
(the patient was referring to the size of the venflon)

Now, what was that all about?!

It's not yours to decide, dude!
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