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It’s not quite over yet

Posted Nov 21 2011 6:40pm

Alright, the music may had died but the Fat Lady hasn’t sung yet. Although there are no signs of any new webOS hardware being released, and only bundled Touchpads available from retailers, webOS the software component is still being supported and indeed developed (and we can expect more OTA updates to come to webOS).
The Touchpad is fine as a tablet. I have used one for a couple of months now and I can say webOS 3.0.4 (the current version) is superb as a multi-tasking OS. There are still a few glitches but they are indeed few. I actually tried installing Android on my Touchpad using the easy instructions available on the web such as this one . I can say Cyanogen Mod even for an alpha works reasonably well but for a Tablet OS, Gingerbread (Android 2.3.1) doesn’t quite have the slickness that webOS has. I still find myself using webOS mostly but I occasionally switch to Android (yes, the mod is capable of dual booting) to check out Android apps and perhaps to run specific apps not available on webOS.
The sore point for me would be the lack of any new webOS phones. The Pre3 is probably the last webOS phone you will ever see (some still might be available on eBa) which is a pity. I did manage to snatch one for about $300 + shipping and it is indeed a fine phone. For me a smartphone is essential since true mobility means carrying something in my pocket and I won’t be lugging any tablet around for long periods, especially during work hours.
What does this mean for medical users? When colleagues ask me for a recommendation, I am indeed sorry to say I cannot recommend a webOS smartphone simply because there are none left. This leaves basically only two options: iPhone or and upper end Android phone (yeah, webOS users can only drool at stuff like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus ) since there are the two most well supported platforms for medical software (many of which are free – check out our free medical iOS and free Android listings).
The fate of webOS is in limbo and will be decided by the new CEO of HP, Meg Whitman , “in the coming weeks”. She re-instated the HP hardware division but what will she do with webOS?

So much potential
Destroyed by Apotheker
Now it’s up to Meg

- webOS haiku I wrote for the webOSRoundup competition

from the Palmdoc Chronicles

It’s not quite over yet

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