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I love to write in parts - makes ...

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:03pm

I love to write in parts - makes me feel I am writing a story!

A hernia is a protrusion of an organ through a weak defect of the layer or tissue that covers it. Many types of hernia, the commonest being the inguinal hernias. My favourite however are what we call as the ventral hernias. These are protrusion of an organ within the abdomen through the anterior (ventral) abdominal wall . Examples:

Well, these are the commoner forms of ventral hernias — incisional (top 2 photos) and paraumblical hernias. Incisional hernias as the name states are hernias through the weak scar tissue from previous surgery.However, the defect or better known as the hernial neck, is usually broad and therefore seldom gives rise to strangulation. The paraumblical hernia however,occurs through a defect close to the umblicus and therefore the neck is narrow and the risk of strangulation is higher.

Surgery, whether laparoscopic or open is the only option in reducing the hernia and repairing the defect.

Open repair of the third photo

Laparoscopic repair of the first photo

Hernias left alone can lead to certain complications such as irreducible hernias, strangulated hernias and obstruction to the intestines.That brings me to part 2.

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