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I love the Internet

Posted Nov 06 2008 11:42pm

In a valiant effort to avoid work today I opened a photobucket account and put up some pictures for your viewing pleasure. There are a few of me, and others from my travels.

I do feel it's presumptuous of me to think you have nothing better to do than look at my pictures, but I don't have anything more entertaining to offer you.
There are plenty of fun ways to waste time on the internet, and I consider myself somewhat of an expert in the field. I've written a handbook called: “The Internet and you: Wasting time Efficiently" I was toying with other titles such as-

“The Internet is more effective at wasting your time than TV: a case study.”

“The Internet: differentiating between useless trivia and false facts”

“1 Million and 1 uses for the IMDB”

“A college students guide to the Internet”

“Proficiency at procrastination”

Well, if you're still up for a little time wasting, here's the link to my pics, enjoy! I'm going to try to make my evening more productive than my day.

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